Covid 19

Whilst we try and get back to a new normal in these unprecedented times, we have implemented the following procedures, your safety is our priority, we hope that the following helps you to feel safe whilst with us.

Hand sanitser

a hand sanitisation station has been set up at the entrace, we ask all customers to use this on entering 

Track and Trace

all guests that have made a reservation will have their details already on our booking system, if you have not booked a table you will be asked to give a name and telephone number for our system, your privacy is the upmost importance to us and your information  will only be given to the NHS in guidence with the COVID legislation 

Contacless Service

we are offering a complete contacless table service, your menus are sanitsied once your order is taken all food and beverage will be brought to your table using a kick tray, 

Staff Procedures

Your server will be using face coverings whilst serving you 

Social Distancing

Tables numbers have been reduced, we have redesigned the room, to ensure social distancing, we ask that your movement around the room is as limited as possible 

Table Sterilisation

All our Tables are steralised between each use, we have removed all condiments , sauces, and sugars, are now in sachet form, all cutlery will be brought to your table, 

Operating Times

Our Operating Times have been adjusted, to allow a further deep clean in the afternoon between Lunch and Dinner service